Who We Are

Employers’ Prescription for Affordable Drugs is a coalition of employers united to tackle one of the biggest challenges in health care – driving down the cost of prescription drugs. We believe the best way to bring down the cost is to work with policymakers and stakeholders to inject more competition, transparency, and value into the health care system.

Combine the government’s role both as legislator and health care purchaser through programs such as Medicare and Medicaid with the power of employers who purchase health care for over 153 million people, and we have a shot at taking on high drug costs.


Healthy markets produce better quality, more choice and lower cost. But the health care system is not a normal marketplace. It’s complex and full of incentives that allow manufacturers to obstruct competition—shamelessly pushing the boundaries of patent protections and extensions. Blocking competition leads to higher prices and less choice. It’s time to level the playing field by supporting fair business practices that encourage competition.


Drug manufacturers and middlemen like pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) benefit from an opaque system that allows prices to be raised arbitrarily and deals brokered that only put more money in their pockets at purchasers’ and consumers’ expense. Like many other industries, increasing transparency at every level will shine light on these practices and force change.


Although Americans pay more than ever for prescription drugs, they’re receiving less bang for their buck because the health care system rewards volume and inefficiency over quality of care. To realize better health care outcomes, we must stop rewarding drug companies and middlemen and realign market incentives to pay for value.