Project Description

Albertsons saved over $200,000 per month by leveraging smarter procurement and better management of site of care to achieve a better patient experience and huge returns. Albertsons, a national chain of grocery stores with more than 250,000 employees, recently had an employee who had undergone a kidney transplant and was on a critical medication that cost the employer approximately $138,000 every two weeks. By taking advantage of their own specialty pharmacy, Albertson’s is now able to source this drug directly from the manufacturer for $26,092 every two weeks; with all patient cost sharing waived, it is a win-win for the patient and plan.

Albertson’s also had a pediatric patient receiving medication administered in a hospital in California for $750,000 annually. Rather than depend on the health plan, the employer searched the local market for alternatives and, with the agreement of the family, changed the treatment location to another California hospital. That same medication for that same patient at a different hospital cost only $250,000 per year.